Conditions by purchasing alcohol or products containing alcohol 

 Age check is required for the sale of alcohol or products containing alcohol. Not only the purchaser, but also the recipient must be above the specified minimum age by the german law. 

 <Age, name and address check when handing over the parcel with alcohol or products containing alcohol> 
Your parcel will only be handed over to the recipient in person at the time of delivery (DHL). 
The delivery person will check the recipient's age using their ID. 
As soon as the recipient's age has been checked against their date of birth on their ID, the verification process is complete. 

The following ID documents are valid for age, name and address verification: 

 1. Identity card issued in Germany (For example, a Japanese passport or a photo document issued abroad is not valid for the verification process. 

 2. Date of birth on the identity card that has reached the specified minimum age 

 3. Match the place of delivery and the address on the ID card Please specify a place where the recipient can receive the parcel in person. 
Packstaion, workplace or location or where personal delivery may be difficult are excluded. 

 4. Consistency of the recipient's name on the invoice and on the ID card When ordering, always enter the full name that is identical to the name on the recipient's ID card. No abbreviation possible (only one name can be entered per order). 

 By purchasing alcohol or products containing alcohol with frozen products, each package is sent separately
 ・Alcohol or products containing alcohol → via DHL 
 ・Frozen products → via DPD 

Attention: If the above check is not successful, the parcel will be returned to us and the customer will be charged the shipping costs for re-delivery. 

To avoid problems with alcohol-related deliveries, please note the above points.